Put on a paint smock and let your creativity loose!

It's easy. Come in. Choose a piece or two. Sit down, relax and paint! All you pay is the price of the piece plus tax.

No sitting fees. no firing fees.

Prices start at just $6. 

When you come in, you can choose between a plaster or ceramic piece. When you're finished with a plaster piece, we glaze it, and it's ready to take home in about 30 minutes.

With ceramic pieces, you have the option of getting the same glaze finish as on the plaster pieces, or you can get it fired. This process takes 1-2 weeks, but leaves it a bit shinier. Also, if you're painting something you plan to eat out of (plates, cups, bowls, etc.) or keep water in (vase, flower pot), it has to be fired. 

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